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Manandvanwebsite.co.uk is owned by CACOM group of companies, with interest in various industries. Ranging from Web and Software development, down to the transportation and logistics sector.

CACOM was created 12 years ago with a single focus, to serve our customers across a wide range of sectors, with nothing less than a first class service.

For more information on CACOM please visit www.cacom.co.uk, where you can not only learn more about our great company and what we do, but you can see what we have got planned for the future.


If you are in the removals business, or simply just a man and van, being organised is key to your success. The current market conditions is not what it use to be 12 years ago, with over 90% of potential clients currently searching online for the best removals, collections or delivery deals. It’s really an important part of your business you can ill afford to be without.

It’s a known fact that in this day and age majority of potential clients prefer to search online, for a local well organised business to help them move their priced possession, after all they have spent years accumulating their belongings, therefore they would want to ensure that who ever that will be handed the task of getting it moved, must display a certain level of professionalism. As you and them have never met, that professionalism will start from what they can see and read about your business.

This is why your website is essential, it does not stop there, once they are on your website and have satisfied themselves that your credentials meets their requirements, they are going to need a quotation from you.

This is where our wonderful and well presented man and van site will come into play, it will allow the client to enter just a few short details that should take less than 60 seconds, and once they click get quote, the system will present them with an instant quotation.

If they are happy with your quote, they will click book now and you would have gained another customer, without even having to utter a single word. The booking will then be saved in your admin section under manage booking, you and the client will receive an email notification of the booking.

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